Here We Go…

First timer here… blog virgin.
Well see how this goes in the mix of a hectic school schedule, prepping for my real estate license exam, and trying to break into the professional world of advertising along with everything else I have going on. October hasn’t even started yet and I think I have plans for about 80% of the month. This will be a project in itself.

But with the holiday season just around the corner it’s about to be craft central in my house. Within the past couple years I’ve opted with making gifts instead of buying them… so ideal with a college girl budget plus it means so much more. And there will obviously be several yummy recipes thrown in the mix with the help of my mom and sisters!

I wanted some outlet to share the amazing ideas that I’ve either come up with myself or have seen online so this blog will consist of mostly DIY craft/decor tutorials and fun recipes to try out. I hope that you guys will enjoy and get some great ideas to try out yourself!

XO- Chelsea

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