“Ready To POP” Baby Shower

Last weekend was baby shower time as my first niece’s arrival is quickly approaching :) I decided to go with the fun “Ready To POP” theme and it ended up being a huge success!

Everyone seemed to love the tissue paper poms, which are so easy, but I think I’ll do a tutorial anyways. It’s really just a fan fold of stacked tissue paper, a twist tie in the middle and pulling each piece out separately. The cake pops were an adventure to say the least haha! My Mom bought me a cake pop maker for Christmas and we were very smart to do a test run 2 weeks ago which I highly recommend! It was so worth it to get a rhythm down and work out the kinks before it’s the night before the party, and for a non-professional, I feel like they turned out pretty great!

We wanted to continue with the POP theme and make some homemade candied popcorn! I found a recipe that uses sweetened condensed milk and JELL-O and we used that for the raspberry and peach. The white chocolate is a separate recipe which I will do a tutorial on, it’s one of those that you just can’t stop eating… so yummy! I also set up a headband making station for guest to create their own headband for Baby Girl to wear :). I bought all the different plain headbands from Hobby Lobby but most of the flowers were made from felt, printed fabric, or out of old t-shirts. I also bought a couple flowers from craft stores and I found that hair flowers/bows from Forever 21 worked great also! They’re only $2.50 for a 2 pack!

The whole shower turned out to be a hit! If you’re planning one, you should try the “Ready To POP” theme, everyone thought it was so fun! As you can see, I’m just a little excited to be an Aunt for the first time. I kept  finding the cutest “Auntie” onesies that I could’t resist! My favorite was from Target it says, “Auntie and Ice Cream… My favorite combo”

I need to throw another shower in March for niece #2 who’s on the way! If you have other ideas for cute baby girl themes let me know on twitter!

XO – Chelsea

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