“52 Things” — Auntie Version

I just wanted to share with you all one of the gifts I received this Christmas from my soon-to-be first niece! ;)

(She will be here in February… the wait is almost over!)

My sister-in-law thought of an adorable spin on the 52 Reasons Why I Love You craft: 52 Things I Can’t Wait To Do With My Aunt Chelsea”.

This is a great gift to give if you are pregnant or if you’re not the prego one, you could even give this gift at a baby shower and title it “52 Things To Do With Baby” for the parents to have. They sky is the limit here… it will work with any way you want to spin it.

She used a Breast Cancer Awareness deck of cards which was the perfect touch when it’s from a baby girl. :)

So here’s how it turned out and some of my favorites!

Hope this inspires more ways to use this craft that’s always a hit!

Send me photos of yours – @chelsrose

xo – Chelsea