Ultra-Girly Pacifier Clips

Niece #1 is here and could not be more gorgeous! I’m just a little obsessed with her :). So now we await baby girl #2 in the family, Miss Lola Belle who’s momma has already given her an ultra-girly style with her name, nursery and tutus ;). I came across these pacifier clips online and they could not be more perfect for Lola!

I am, by no means, a seamstress. My head was spinning as my patient Mom walked me through the steps of using the sewing machine over and over. My main concern with this project was being able to find the girly material. But my beloved, Hobby Lobby never fails to pull through for me! :)

These “Sugar & Spice-esque” clips were all pretty easy to do. You can see that the two rose clips have pink bias tape on the backside for support, and to secure the velcro. I had to hand stitch the tape on because if I would have used the machine, I would’ve smashed the roses. –I recommend using the machine to sew on your velcro though, because it’s very difficult to get the needle through it.– The white and pink ruffled one is actually 2 separate ribbons. I just hot glued the pink/pearls to the white ruffles.

The floral beaded one is more just for show rather than practicality. I know that beads and babies don’t exactly mix safely but it will still be adorable for display in her room if she doesn’t want to use it :). That one was tricky to attach to the tulle. I had to thread through beads on the end and then sewed that onto the tulle. The all tulle one was the easiest: I just got hot pink thread so there would be a good contrast with the tulle.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory: the tops are just threaded through the clip and sewn down, and the bottoms have the velcro for pacifier holding. I know I didn’t take pictures for each step so if there are any questions, just comment or you can ask me on Twitter.

I hope this inspires some uniquely-adorable-pacifier-clip-making!

XO – Chelsea (A very happy Auntie) @chelsrose