Autumn Mumkins

‘Tis the season for harvest themed decor!
And who doesn’t love cheap and easy decor that looks fabulous?!
Two of my “mum’s” favorites are pumpkins and fall mums so we decided to combine them both.
This project is so eye catching and festive, guests would never think how quick and super easy this is!

“Mum” and I got 3 good size pumpkins for $2.50 each at Aldis

(we always love a great deal!)
You only need one pumpkin for one “Mumkin” but we wanted to have 3.

Start by cutting the top off of your pumpkin(s) just like you would if you were carving.

I started with a smaller hole because we wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be space between the mums and the pumpkin. I did, however have to end up cutting more to make the opening wider.

 After discarding the top, we originally planned on scraping out the insides of the pumpkins but we decided that it would be  good padding for the dirt to rest on so we left it in there.

This is the part where you might have to cut a bigger space in the top.

When we took the mum out of the container, it was bigger than we thought so we cut more and it fit perfectly. Be sure to have newspapers or something laid out because, as you can see, it got a little messy :)

Be sure to smash it down really good so the dirt is packed tight and so there are no spaces between the pumpkin opening and the mums.

This part is optional, but we thought the ribbon added the perfect touch. I mean, we’re girls, what do you expect? :)

And here is the final product… I’m obsessed! So festive and unique!