About Chelsea

I am an animal loving, FRIENDS obsessed, advertising learning, wildflower picking, DIYing, typical Missouri girl.

Born and raised in St. Louis, I’m a city girl wanna-be but the country won’t seem to let go of my roots. My outdoor obsessed boyfriend is determined to make me into his little fishing/hunting/four-wheel loving other half, and I’m not hating it. Any time I can spend with the ones I love is time well wasted (thanks, Brad Paisley). My family, my boyfriend, and our puppies are what keeps me going with a stressful schedule.

I’m a senior in college working for my degree in advertising. Thinking of being thrown from the safety of the classroom and into the working world is terrifying but I’m so ready to be a part of something real.

Somewhere in between finishing my junior/senior years of college, a social life, and spending time with my beloved friends and family, (yes, that’s dogs included) I enjoy DIY crafts and baking yummy things in preparation to be a wonderful wifey someday.

If you have questions about my posts or just want to chat, you can follow me on Twitter: @chelsrose or <a href=”http://pinterest.com/chels_rose/”><img src=”http://passets-cdn.pinterest.com/images/follow-on-pinterest-button.png&#8221; width=”156″ height=”26″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” /></a>

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